SEPTEMBER 4, 1978 – FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Seven years ago, in March 2012, Rubén Ruiz joined our Arbor Experts family. He quickly learned how to be an excellent groundsman, and then moved to learning to climb. Despite being nervous, he soon became a skilled climber. As a climber, he was moved into the position of crew leader. Three years ago, Production Manager was added to his list of duties.

Rubén’s desire to learn everything possible about tree care and tree removal, to working efficiently and safely, his love for his crew leaders and to do things with excellence made our company a better place.

Because of this, we are devastated by the fact that on Monday, 18 February, Rubén passed away unexpectedly, due to an illness.  He is survived by his lovely wife and four beautiful children.

If you’d like to read more about him and what others say about him, please follow the link below.