Tree Care Resources For The Dayton Area

There are many common problems affecting both deciduous and evergreen trees in the Dayton area. So we created videos and resources to show you what each looks like and how to treat it.

We also have articles on many of the common pests in southwest Ohio - you'll find those listed in the sidebar below.

If you don't see your tree problem in the videos or articles below, just give us a call. One of our Certified Arborists will be happy to check it out to give you a diagnosis and treatment options.

Did You Know?

We may be able to provide a diagnosis online! Simply submit one or more photos of the problem and answer a few questions. Our Certified Arborists will diagnose the issue and send you their recommendations for what to do.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

EAB is now present throughout Ohio and kills millions of ash trees each year. If your ash tree looks unhealthy, it's probably EAB damage. Learn about how to treat your ash trees to prevent EAB damage here >>


If you notice dying branch tips in apple, pear and crabapple trees, it could be fireblight.


Iron deficiency causes yellow tree leaves with prominent green veins.

Scale Insects

You may notice white or brownish raised "dots" on the trunk and/or branches of trees that don't look healthy.

Dothistroma Needle Blight

This fungal problem causes dying needles on older pine branches.

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Insect Pests & Diseases

Boxwood Leaf Miner

Crabapple Diseases

Japanese Beetles

Scale Insects

5 Destructive Tree Pests in Dayton

  • Emerald ash borer
  • Scale insects
  • Eastern tent caterpillar
  • Bagworms
  • Spider mites

5 Worst Tree Diseases in Dayton

  • Apple scab
  • Cedar-apple rust / cedar-hawthorn rust
  • Dothistroma needle blight
  • Rhizosphaera needlecast
  • Diplodia tip blight


>> When to Treat Key Pests & Diseases in the Dayton Area