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Should You Fertilize Trees?

You may wonder whether your trees need fertilization - after all, trees in nature don't get fertilized and they seem to do just fine!

Trees need certain nutrients to function and grow - nutrients that trees "in the wild" get from decomposing plant matter on the forest floor, including dead leaves. Unfortunately, our urban landscape soils usually don’t contain sufficient available nutrients for the satisfactory growth and development of your trees. In these situations, you may need to fertilize your trees to keep them healthy and growing well.

When dealing with a mature tree that provides considerable benefit and value to your landscape, it's well worth the time and investment to evaluate and then fertilize your tree if needed.

Be Careful With DIY Tree Fertilization

Mature trees that are growing well generally don’t need fertilization. But in other cases, fertilizing a tree can improve growth and overall health. However, if fertilizer is not applied wisely (e.g., if the wrong nutrients are applied in the wrong quantities and at the wrong time), it may not benefit the tree at all and may even cause it harm.

When considering supplemental fertilizer, it’s important to know which nutrients are needed by your trees and when and how they should be applied. Simply choosing a balanced fertilizer and spreading it a few times a year isn’t going to get the job done. Soil conditions, especially pH and organic matter content, vary greatly making the proper selection and use of fertilizer a somewhat complex process.

That’s where a soil test and tree consultation come in. Our arborists can arrange to have your soil tested at a soil testing laboratory and can give advice on application rates, timing, and the best blend of fertilizer for each of your trees and other landscape plants.


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