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Welcome to the Arbor Experts Tree Catalog, where you'll find photos and complete descriptions of the trees we most highly recommend for the Dayton, OH area. All of these trees will do well here and would be a beautiful addition to your yard.

Keteleeri Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Keteleeri'

Keteleeri JuniperPhoto - Tree
LeavesPhoto - Leaves
BarkPhoto - Bark
Fruit, Nuts or SeedsPhoto - Fruit

Evergreens are a valuable part of any garden design, as they provide screening, contrast, color, and texture all year. This juniper is no exception. Its qualities include:

  • A neat, pyramidal form reaching 20 feet high and wide
  • Medium-green foliage and large fruit
  • Tolerance of a range of growing conditions
  • Good for screening and windbreaks

Growing Tips

A tough cultivar, ‘Keteleeri’ tolerates dry conditions, alkaline soils, full sun, and some pollution and salt. These characteristics make it a good choice for a range of settings, provided that its soil is well-drained. Wet or inundated soils can kill the roots of this (and many other) trees.

Make sure you have chosen a spot where the mature size of this tree can be accommodated without crowding or shading out other plants, and avoid placing it where it may grow up against a structure. Unnecessary pruning, even when done by professionals, is wounding to trees, and increases the chance of pathogens gaining entry to the tree’s vascular system.


‘Keteleeri’ has no serious disease or pest problems. As with all junipers, it’s sensitive to overly wet soils and susceptible to some needle blight. Some rust disease is a common, seasonal event. It may be unsightly, but it is not fatal, nor does it last year-round. You can avoid serious problems by planting in well-drained soils, mulching, and providing proper irrigation when needed. Aphids, scale insects, and bagworms are occasional pests that usually need no treatment. If canker appears on stems, proper pruning with disinfected tools is the best response. The best defense against pests and pathogens is a healthy tree, so make sure you have provided the right garden conditions to combat potential pests.


‘Keteleeri’ is hardy in zones 4 through 9, where its peeling, brown bark, and evergreen, scale-like foliage provides winter color, and female specimens produce fruit (a juniper berry) that attracts birds. (It is male specimens that produce wind-borne pollen). Because it has a naturally upright and conical shape, ‘Keteleeri’ requires little crown shaping as it grows to maturity. This evergreen can be used as a backdrop to deciduous foliage, as a foreground specimen, or planted in a group to form a visual screen.