Tree Catalog - Best Trees For Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to the Arbor Experts Tree Catalog, where you'll find photos and complete descriptions of the trees we most highly recommend for the Dayton, OH area. All of these trees will do well here and would be a beautiful addition to your yard.

Western Red Cedar / Arborvitae

Thuja plicata 'Green Giant'

Western Red Cedar / ArborvitaePhoto - Tree
LeavesPhoto - Leaves
BarkPhoto - Bark


This native arborvitae hybrid is fast-growing, neat in appearance, and often substituted for Leyland cypress. Left alone, the tree can reach a height of 60’ but is easily kept smaller. Unlike other tree species, ‘Green Giant’ responds well to pruning. It has a naturally narrow spread, to 18’, which makes it useful for smaller gardens and as a screening hedge.

With its sprays of foliage neatly arranged, the tree has a tidy, balanced appearance, and does not mind pruning to keep a desired height and spread.


  • Medium size
  • Reddish brown bark
  • Sprays of fine, medium green, scale-like leaves
  • Slight leaf fragrance
  • Tolerant of full sun and part shade

Planting Tips

If you plant a ‘Green Giant’, select a spot that has some relief from the very hot afternoon sun and keep a layer of mulch around the trunk and drip line.

Plant this tree as an accent in a location where its height and foliage can be admired, and where its evergreen winter form can provide structure to a garden design. Or use it in a group to make a large hedge, screen or windbreak. Because it puts up with repeated pruning, trees used as a hedge or screen can be planted as close as 7’ apart.

General Care

‘Green Giant’ is generally considered pest- and disease-free, but it may experience the same insect pests and pathogens common to evergreens, including bagworm and scale.

Best practices to prevent infestations include:

  • Monitoring the foliage and branches to control any infestations before they become severe
  • Minimal and proper pruning cuts to reduce the chance of pathogens entering the tree
  • Checking your irrigation system to make sure soil around the tree is not saturated
  • Keeping mulch away from the tree’s trunk
  • Planting in acidic soil

Because of its dense foliage, any pesticide spraying should be done by professionals to ensure thorough and even coverage.