Tree Catalog - Best Trees For Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to the Arbor Experts Tree Catalog, where you'll find photos and complete descriptions of the trees we most highly recommend for the Dayton, OH area. All of these trees will do well here and would be a beautiful addition to your yard.

Green Vase Zelkova

Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase'

Green Vase ZelkovaPhoto - Tree
Fall LeavesPhoto - Fall Color (Leaves)


‘Green Vase’ has a more upright growth habit than the strait zelkova species, has greater winter hardiness, and is more tolerant of heavy soils and urban pollution. It is somewhat tolerant of drought, but prefers some soil moisture.

In addition to its attractive foliage and flaking bark patterns, ‘Green Vase’ is chosen for its upright fountain shape, and its branches retain their upright form into maturity. Homeowners should also consider it because its roots rarely cause problems, and its fine foliage makes pleasant, dappled shade.


Plant your ‘Green Vase’ zelkova in spring, as young trees can be frost sensitive. The root systems of young trees are small, so provide enough water while the tree establishes itself. Once established, ‘Green Vase’ will tolerate some drought.

You should expect to prune your ‘Green Vase’ as it matures to keep its crown structure evenly balanced and open to sunlight and air.

‘Green Vase’ is tolerant of most urban conditions, but it prefers rich, moist soil. Providing your tree with an optimal location in your garden ensures its health and natural resistance to pests and pathogens.


‘Green Vase’ has no serious insect or disease problems, but you’ll want to prune its crown as needed to keep a good, open branch structure. Choosing a well-branched nursery specimen is a good idea, as its branch structure will have been pruned from a young age.

Insect damage will be greater during hot, dry summers, so check your soil to make sure it has some moisture. And don’t forget to mulch around your tree’s root system to help the soil retain moisture. Scale insects may appear on your tree from time to time, but can be controlled with horticultural sprays.