Tree Catalog - Best Trees For Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to the Arbor Experts Tree Catalog, where you'll find photos and complete descriptions of the trees we most highly recommend for the Dayton, OH area. All of these trees will do well here and would be a beautiful addition to your yard.

'Crimson Spire' English Oak

Quercus robur x alba 'Crimschmidt'

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Tall and stately, this oak is good for gardens, parks, and wide medians, and its narrow spread makes it useful as a screening tree. ‘Crimson Spire’ is considered a low-maintenance tree, and does not have any significant problems with pests or pathogens.

Its red fall color makes it an attractive addition to other showy deciduous trees. Some leaves may hang on through winter, which is a normal occurrence. ‘Crimson Spire’ is more tolerant of wet sites than its white oak parent, but well drained sites are best for healthy growth.


Because of its upright, narrow shape, ‘Crimson Spire’ is good for tight spaces where a more spreading tree would become too large. Because of its height, be aware of overhead power lines before siting it.

‘Crimson Spire’ will tolerate some periods of drought after establishment, but like its white oak parent it is not tolerant of overly-wet or poorly draining soils.

‘Crimson Spire’ is resistant to powdery mildew. It is tolerant to acidic and alkaline soils, but does not tolerate salt in soil, or salt spray from road salt.

An occasional branch will “flag,” or grow more horizontally out of the crown. These are easily pruned off to keep branching upward.


Oak wilt and anthracnose are possible problems.

Prune ‘Crimson Spire’ in winter to avoid oak wilt, and maintain a healthy environment around the tree to reduce susceptibility to other pests and pathogens.

Acorns can be a litter problem if planted near sidewalks, so be aware of litter on walking surfaces.