Tree Catalog - Best Trees For Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to the Arbor Experts Tree Catalog, where you'll find photos and complete descriptions of the trees we most highly recommend for the Dayton, OH area. All of these trees will do well here and would be a beautiful addition to your yard.

Serbian Spruce

Picea omorika

Serbian SprucePhoto - Tree
Fruit, Nuts or SeedsPhoto - Fruit


Serbian spruce adapts to hot and humid conditions better than other spruce species, but providing good growing conditions ensures a vigorous and healthy tree. Its foliage isn’t favored by deer so browsing damage will be minimal. Songbirds are attracted to its branches for nesting and can help control insects in the foliage.

Its natural toughness makes Serbian spruce a candidate for an evergreen urban street tree, but its intolerance to pollution and salt spray may make planting as a street tree a poor choice.


Give your Serbian spruce well-drained soil with medium moisture, and plant in full sun to part shade in a location with protection from strong winds. In hotter climates provide your spruce with some relief from hot afternoon sun, as it is native to locations with cool summers. Because of its mature height, be aware of overhead lines.

Like other evergreens, Serbian spruce is intolerant of salt spray from road salt. If your tree is planted near salted roadways, a winter tree wrap can help prevent burnt and browned foliage. As irrigating with water is the best way to dilute road salt, make sure your tree is planted in well-draining soil. Serbian spruce is not tolerant of compacted or poorly-draining soils.


Serbian spruce has no serious insect or disease problems.

Serbian spruce is susceptible to aphids, mites, and budworms, which can be controlled with horticultural sprays and tip and branch pruning. Pruning to keep air and light available to all branches and planting in the most appropriate location can help keep your tree resistant to pests and pathogens.