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Pests & Diseases

When to Treat Key Tree Pests & Diseases in Dayton

clock - pest treatment timing

Knowing when these pests and diseases are likely to appear on your trees, and the timing for effective preventive treatment, allows you to maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape with minimal use of potentially toxic chemicals.

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5 Destructive Tree Pests in the Dayton Area

worst tree pests in dayton area - leaf eaten by caterpillar

The Dayton area is plagued by a number of destructive pests that attack trees. Learning to identify them is the first step in preventing an outbreak that could seriously injure, or even kill, your trees. Here are the five worst tree pests around Dayton, what to look out for, and the trees they typically attack.

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Boxwood Leafminer: Identification, Damage & Control


Boxwood leafminer (Monarthropalpusi flavus) is a common and destructive pest that causes significant damage to boxwoods here in the Dayton area, although the symptoms are often mistaken for winter injury rather than insect infestation.

Since boxwoods are such a popular shrub, it’s important to control leafminers so they don’t spread to neighboring plants and properties.

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