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Tree Care Tips

Lightning Hit My Tree! What Now?

lightning strike at night hitting a tree in Dayton, OH

Answers to your biggest questions about lightning damage to trees. What exactly happens when lightning strikes a tree? Can lightning strikes and the associated tree damage be prevented? How do you know if your tree has sustained a lightning strike? What should you do to help your tree if it has been hit by lightning?

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How Maple Syrup is Made

bottled maple syrup

A simple explanation of what maple syrup is, which trees it comes from, how sap is tapped and turned into syrup, and what the maple syrup grades mean.

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Help Ice-Covered Trees Recover From Damage

ice covered tree

Freezing rain, ice storms, and heavy, wet snow can strike at any time during the colder months, causing extensive damage to trees, shrubs and landscape plants. While you can’t control the Dayton weather, there are some things you can do to prevent the worst of the damage. And knowing what to do after ice or snow has covered your trees can go a long way in helping them recover.

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Why We Don’t Top Trees

tree topping

We are often asked why we do not top trees, so we’ve created a detailed post covering why topping trees costs you more money, makes trees dangerous, and ultimately harms and kills trees.

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How to Properly Stake a Newly-Planted Tree

tree staking

Drive around any Dayton neighborhood and you’ll likely see newly planted trees tightly tied to landscape stakes, presumably to help the tree get established without falling over. After all, planting a tree is an investment in the value of your property and you want to ensure that it lives a long and healthy life. But,…

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Choosing the Best Tree For Your Dayton Landscape

best tree for dayton landscape

Many trees growing in Dayton’s urban and suburban landscapes are planted in the wrong place, leading to stress, pest and disease problems and eventual decline – not to mention blocked views and driveways, cracked walkways, damaged siding, etc. Learn how to choose the right spot for the right tree so that the tree becomes an asset, rather than a liability.

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Rejuvenation Pruning: What, Why & When

Though winter might seem like it lasts forever here in Ohio, spring is just around the corner, and early spring is the perfect time to spend some time prepping your shrubs. Every three to five years, some shrubs need a bit of extreme pruning to ensure that they continue to be healthy and produce enough…

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